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Cohen and Associates is a leading chiropractic practice in Pittsburgh treating a wide range of patients including professional athletes, musicians and dancers.

The practice is renowned for its use of unique chiropractic methods, including those created by Dr. Raymond Nimmo, the world's leading pioneer in non-invasive pain remediation. Dr. Nimmo developed a method known as "acupressure," which applies pressure on specific trigger point areas to relieve pain faster and longer than typical chiropractic methods. Dr. Cohen has expanded upon Dr. Nimmo's methods and developed a new standard for applying these techniques called NimmoCareSM, which integrates laser treatment for application to virtually every part of the musculoskeletal system. Staff at Cohen and Associates are all licensed in NimmoCareSM treatment under Dr. Jeffrey Cohen.

The Staff

Jeffrey H. Cohen photoJeffrey H. Cohen, D.C.
Jeffrey H. Cohen is a nationally known lecturer and practitioner of a specialized chiropractic technique known as, Nimmo Receptor-Tonus Technique. This technique is a precise pressure point type of therapy that has proven to be one of the most successful non- invasive healing modalities in modern medicine.

A Pittsburgh native, Dr. Cohen shares his practice with his son, Dr. Joshua Cohen. The practice, established in 1976 at 4627 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. 15213, began with two treatment rooms and few people who understood this new type of chiropractic medicine. Over thirty years later, the practice has grown to include a staff of ten and an elite patient list from the "weekend gardeners" and failed back surgery person, to internationally known professional dancers, actors, pro athletes and musicians.

Dr. Raymond L. Nimmo chose Dr. Cohen as his successor and owner of the Nimmo Service Mark. Dr. Cohen subsequently developed the NimmoCareSM method. All of the doctors in this practice are specialists in the NimmoCareSM as well as the latest proven forms of adjunct healing modalities.

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen specializes strictly in the Nimmo Receptor-Tonus Technique. This technique is a system designed to locate trigger points through manual direct pressure, eliminate the muscle spasms and interrupt the flow of pain signals to the nervous system.

This form of chiropractic has been especially effective on patients who use their bodies in extraordinary ways such as professional athletes, dancers, and musicians. Dr. Cohen has refined the Nimmo technique in a way that hones in on an unusual musculoskeletal problem by learning how these professionals use their muscles and what trigger points can be found to alleviate the problem. He has succeeded in developing new techniques as unique to the profession as the unique occupations of his patients.

Joshua A. Cohen photoJoshua A. Cohen, M.S., D.C.
Dr. Joshua Cohen is Dr. Jeffrey Cohen's son. He obtained his degree from New York Chiropractic College in 2000, and studied the NimmoCareSM metod and is licensed under his father. Dr. Josh Cohen brought another aspect of mind/body care into the practice when he earned a Masters degree in nutrition. By incorporating nutritional counseling, exercise physiology and an anti-aging regime, he has expanded the area of chiropractic care, bringing full circle, a team of doctors who cover all aspects needed for a healthy life.

Lisa Papenbrock photoLisa Papenbrock, D.C.
Dr. Lisa Papenbrock received her Bachelors of Science degree in life science from Pennsylvania State University. She then attended New York Chiropractic College and graduated in 2007 with Phi Chi Omega honors. She has been part of the Cohen & Associate practice since 2008, and is committed to helping patients achieve a pain-free lifestyle. Dr. Papenbrock is a certified Nimmo Practitioner, and focuses on correcting and preventing muscular imbalances that can occur in the body, thereby helping patients perform at their optimum level. In addition to Nimmo trigger point therapy, she also practices in diversified adjusting, flexion/distraction techniques, cold laser therapy, and can also provide patients with Foot Levelers Orthotics.

In 2010 she was hired by New York Chiropractic College as an adjunct professor to teach chiropractic students the Nimmo Technique. Along with Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, she is excited about their collaboration with New York Chiropractic College and having the opportunity to assist in innovative research on trigger points.

Dr. Papenbrock and her husband JT love the outdoors and travelling. They spend most of the winter skiing and the summer rock climbing and camping. They have found a new passion in completing adventure races to benefit various organizations and foundations. They reside in the North Hills with their “children”, Nickel and Bijou.

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